If you have oily or acne-prone skin, there are many natural ways to treat both these issues. Neem & tea tree are among the best ingredients to combat these specific skin issues. Which is why they are commonly found in skincare products, targeted at balancing congestion and soothing and reducing acne.

Tea-tree benefits

The main benefits of tea-tree are its ability to treat acne-prone skin and balance the skin. Tea tree has anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce redness and swelling on the skin. Most spots/pimples come from deep within the skin. Tea tree penetrates the layers of skin to break down the harmful acne-causing bacteria. As a result over time with consistent use, the skin becomes clearer.

Neem Benefits

Neem has an antimicrobial effect which means it can stop the growth of acne-causing bacteria, preventing future breakouts. It can also reduce the appearance of acne scars, evening skin tone and Neem is also very hydrating and soothing which gives the skin a healthy glow.

Here at Ayumi, we have skin care products formulated with both Neem & Tea tree to feed the skin with all the benefits of both ingredients. We recommend the toner on the acne areas as a spot treatment as it has been formulated with Gluconolactone acid is a poly-hydroxide acid which helps exfoliate the skin from dead skin cells. As a result these components prevents pores from becoming blocked and promotes generally clean and radiant skin. This also gives the skin a natural and healthy glow. Try the Clarifying Neem & Witch Hazel Toner today and get all the benefits of tea tree, in a gentle and hydrating toner.

For those with acne prone and oily skin, try the Ayumi Neem and Tea Tree skincare range.  The range is formulated to help control congestion and balance sebum production. Clear skin is within reach!