Pure Castor Oil 150ml

Castor oil has been used in Ayurveda since ancient times. The plant is native to India and known by the Sanskrit name of Eranda. This highly respected oil rich in a rare fatty acid (ricinoleic) has been used to protect the skin and nourish the scalp and hair. This ancient tradition has continued for generations and the oil is used a soothing, protective ingredient to help prevent nappy rash. Also an excellent salve to protect against dry, cracked lips. The oil is very substantive and used sparingly will seal in precious skin hydration and moisture to leave the skin feeling protected. It is a traditional remedy for sluggish digestion acting as a potent laxative.


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Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil. BP Grade. Hexane Free

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4 customer reviews

  1. Bella

    Been using ayumi castor oil for years now on my hair as a conditioning treatment. It makes my hair stronger and thicker, just the best

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  2. castor lover

    I met a serious accident few months before….which left a deep cut marks in my forehead…..its too much disappointing when people just stares me for those marks…i hrd about the wonders that castor oil does to scars…..since then i hv strtd using castor oil…its been just one month n i could see the changes…scars are fading away….thanku castor oil n to all those who helped me to learn more.about it……..

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  3. Esen

    I bought this product to use for my lashes and eyebrows and as an anti wrikle facial product, I have also used it for my split ends on my hair. Great product has many uses can get sticky if not used correctly.

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  4. Aditi

    great product

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