Make natural and mindful living affordable and accessible to all

Here at Ayumi Naturals, we believe that your everyday skincare and haircare products should not cost you a fortune. Instead, everyone should be able to live a lifestyle that is mindful and natural. One of our core principles is making living a mindful lifestyle through natural haircare solutions and skincare products accessible to all.

Ingredient Lead

We at Ayumi Naturals focus more on natural ingredients than being a lifestyle led brand. Our core products are centered around and built upon the Ayurvedic ingredients of neem, turmeric and sandalwood. Our three core ranges burst with aromatic essential oils and are made from 92-100% natural ingredients.

Inspired by Balance

Now more than ever, it is difficult to find mental and physical balance in our urban environments. This is what Ayumi stands for – finding and maintaining balance in our chaotic surroundings.

Born from Family

Ayumi was established from a 40-year-old family run business. Which in turn, was founded through importing ayurvedic herbs and spices into the UK. Ayumi has been created and influenced by this history rooted in generations of Indian family culture. For our founders the ancient holistic teachings of Ayurveda are a way of life, not a trend. We at Ayumi, use our deep understanding of traditional Ayurvedic and Indian herbs and spices when creating our natural skincare and haircare products.

Being Sustainable With Natural Solutions

At Ayumi, we believe in creating natural beauty that doesn’t cost the earth. All of the packaging used in our haircare and skincare products is 100% recyclable. We believe that recycling is akin to Karma, in the sense that what goes around, comes around. Because of this, we want to make the lightest footprint possible, and from our packaging choices to our ingredient lists, we always try and be as sustainable as possible.

NO Testing on Animals

We are a certified animal cruelty free and vegan brand. All of our products are certified by the Vegetarian Society, PETA and the Leaping Bunny. We are a holistic brand. We have never and will never, test on animals.