Pure Glycerine 150ml

Get your dry skin under control with Ayumi Pure Vegetable Glycerine, an all-natural and gentle pure glycerin that helps to suppress trans-epidermal water loss and lock in precious skin hydration.

Pure Vegetable Glycerine: Discover the Versatile Moisturizing Marvel for Skin and Hair

Helps to soothe and protect the skin, while attracting water to the skin for a soft, smooth look. Apply this essential for refreshing, hydrated skin every morning and enjoy healthy-looking skin that feels soft to the touch.

Ayumi Glycerine is a 100% natural glycerin that helps improve the appearance of hair and scalp. It helps to restore moisture balance, strengthens hair, improves hair elasticity, prevents split ends, and prevents scalp dryness & itchiness.



Full Ingredients

Glycerin. BP Grade.

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How To Use

For Skin:
Naturally odourless, Glycerin can be used on its own or combined with Rosewater or essential oils to give it a delicate aroma, leaving skin soft, supple and delicately scented.

For Hair:
It can be either added directly to your hair or added into your conditioner to dilute down. It can be quite sticky so washing off is advised. Apply to the roots and work down the hair strands.


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