Achieving Strong and Healthy Hair with a Henna Hair Mask

DIY Henna and Castor Oil Hair Mask

When it comes to hair growth and nourishing your hair, Ayurveda has several incredible DIY solutions that you can try at home. And we have the perfect one for you to try when your next DIY spa Sunday rolls around. Our DIY Henna Castor Oil Mix involves combining castor oil and henna powder to create the ultimate natural nourishing hair mask that boasts unbelievable benefits for your hair.

Henna Powder

The two core ingredients in this Ayurvedic hair mask are henna powder and castor oil. Firstly, henna powder is made from the leaves of the henna tree and is a natural ingredient that dyes hair. Above and beyond its coloring abilities, henna also helps condition your hair and promote new hair growth.

Benefits of henna for hair

  1. Boosts hair growth
  2. Reduces hair fall and split ends
  3. Conditions and nourishes your hair
  4. Prevents dandruff and cleanses your scalp
  5. A 100% natural hair dye or colorant

Castor Oil

Castor oil is made from pressing castor beans and extracting the natural nourishing oils that are contained within the beans. This product is packed full of nourishing and conditioning ingredients like vitamins, fatty acids and proteins that all help promote hair growth. Castor oil is renowned for its incredible conditioning properties as it naturally nurtures not only your hair, but your scalp too.

Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair

  1. Nourishes your scalp with proteins, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants.
  2. Increases blood circulation in your scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.
  3. Increases the absorption of other haircare products.
  4. Cleanses hair follicles.
  5. Locks in strand and scalp moisture.

DIY Hair Mask Henna & Castor Oil Mix

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

How Often Should I use: Between once and twice a week for the best results.


  • 1 cup of Pure Henna Powder
  • 250ml of Pure Castor Oil
  • Protective Gloves


  • Gently and slowly heat up the 250ml of Pure Castor oil.
  • Then add the 1 cup of pure henna powder to the oil and mix thoroughly until there are no lumps in the mixture.
  • Wearing protective gloves, gently part your hair and apply the hair mask to your hair section by section. Gently rub the mask into your hair from root to tip with your fingers ensuring that the mask is spread evenly through your head.
  • Cover and leave in your hair for up to 45 minutes.
  • Wash thoroughly with water until clean.