The Skincare Benefits of Sandalwood Oil for Hair

There are many benefits to using sandalwood in your haircare routine. The main benefits of Sandalwood for your hair are growth, prevention of hair loss, and also as an anti-dandruff treatment. Research shows applying sandalwood to the scalp stimulates hair growth and provides general healing of the scalp. It also improves any damage caused by dryness which can leads to dandruff.

1. Hair Growth 

One of the main benefits of sandalwood for hair is for hair growth. Researchers from the University of Manchester found that applying sandalwood can be very effective. Applying it to the scalp stimulates the growth of keratinocytes which is key for hair growth and recovery. Keratinocytes are cells which produces keratin, which is the protein in hair. The Ayumi BioActive Growth Hair Oil, with nourishing properties, is perfect to stimulate hair growth. Using this product in conjunction with the Sandalwood Argan Shampoo and Conditioner is ideal for fine and thinning hair.

2. Anti-dandruff

Sandalwood oil in particular is highly effective in treating hair conditions like dandruff. Due to Sandalwood’s cooling and calming effect it also soothes the scalp. Additionally the anti-bacterial properties of sandalwood prevent infections and flaking. A product we recommend is the Argan & Sandalwood Hair Conditioner, which is specifically formulated for frequent use for all hair types, but particularly for thin and weak hair. Its contains argan oil that Is renowned for increasing hair hydration and softening hair strands.

How to use Sandalwood?

The best way to incorporate sandalwood into your hair care routine is through products with sandalwood as the main ingredient. The Nourishing Argan and Sandalwood Range is formulated for all hair types, but particular those with fine and thinning hair. With Ayurvedic herbs to cleanse and hydrate, nourish your hair with the luxurious spa-like scent of our Argan & Sandalwood Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. Try the range to start your haircare journey today.