Decoding the World of Skincare: What You Should Be Using

What Skincare Should I be Using?

Ayurveda understands skin concerns and any form of ailment or illness as not just an eternal ‘problem’ but an internal one too. This is why it’s important to think about skincare as not just a topical treatment, but also as a lifestyle choice.

Turmeric Range

Ayumi comprises three core ranges (Turmeric, Sandalwood and Neem). These can be aligned to one or more of the natural elements. For example, the Turmeric Range may be associated with air as its key ingredient (Turmeric) is fantastic for dry skin and brightening tired, overworked complexions. If you have skin that feels like it needs an extra boost in hydration, our Turmeric Range is the answer. It is also fantastic due to its incorporation of fruit enzymes and extracts such as Papaya. Which is equally brightening. The Turmeric Range also counterbalances that ‘airy’ quality by providing a sense of grounding through earthy aromas and warming spices.

Sandalwood Range

The Sandalwood Range aligns with the element of fire, which is in turn reflected in sensitive, inflamed and reddened skin. So how does this range help? Well, the key ingredient (Sandalwood) is super soothing. Not only due to its sensual aroma but also due to its deep moisturisation and anti-inflammatory qualities. A perfect example of how skin can be treated through the senses. The Sandalwood Range calms with aromatherapeutic qualities and de-stresses the complexion.

Neem Range

Finally, our Neem Range can be associated with the element of water. This element reflects an abundance of moisture and may appear as clogged pores, excess oil production and acne on the skin. Deep down, there is a deep need for detoxification and motivation, alongside a clearance of stagnant energy. Key ingredient, Neem, deeply cleanses and rebalances sebum production. The Neem Range provides a gently uplifting aroma, which in turns awakens and motivates you for the day ahead. Also containing an abundance of natural antibacterials, the Neem Range is fantastic for reducing the persistence of acne without stripping the skin.


Takeaway: not one size fits all, and as Ayurveda teaches us- skincare is not just topical, it’s a multi sensory experience.