There are many things that contribute to skin congestion. These factors are especially heightened in Kapha season (the late winter/ spring time). This is due to the change in environment and excess water in the atmosphere.

How to spot congested skin

When the pores appear to be blocked and show signs of whiteheads and blackheads, it’s likely the skin is congested. In a broader sense, congested skin refers to skin conditions where there is an impaction within a skin pore. In fact, the impaction is a combination of oil, dead skin cells, tiny hairs, dirt and debris at the surface, and sometimes bacteria.

Top tips for decongesting the skin:

  1. Develop a regular yet simple skincare routine – Here at Ayumi, we have a whole range dedicated to purifying the skin and eliminating congestion! Try our Neem Range – start out with a cleanser, a scrub and a toner (but don’t forget to replenish your pores afterwards with a cream).
  2. Scrub Scrub Scrub (but not too much) – A great way of buffing away any dead skin cells or residual dirt is by using a face scrub. Try our Neem Face Scrub, applying three times a week after your daily cleanse.
  3. Don’t sleep in your makeup – Of course, by now we’re pretty much all aware that leaving our foundation on for too long is not great for the skin; however, a great way to remove excess eye makeup and foundation, whilst not stripping the skin is to use the Ayumi Coconut Oil to melt away not only dirt and makeup but also pollution.
  4. Go beneath the surface – products containing salicylic acid such as our Neem Toner are fantastic at clearing under the skin’s congestion and controlling sebum production.