The Benefits of Vegan Skincare for Your Skin and the Planet

Ayurveda connects the mind and body with the intention of addressing a sense of balance within the body’s internal system. To exemplify this connection, Ayumi has formulated three skincare ranges that target not just the physical but psychological imbalances that trigger the need to detoxify. Discover just how to use vegan skincare to detox your mind, body and skin below.

What does ‘Detox’ really mean?

  1. To let go of an emotion that no longer serves you
  2. To eliminate the body of anything that causes a disturbance or negative reaction
  3. Finally, to free yourself from an element of your life that may be weighing you down

How can skincare be detoxifying?

Skincare, although an external treatment, can heal us from within and uplift our mental state. So, aromatherapy heavily influences our formulations. Aromatherapy benefits the mind using scent and natural fragrance. Skincare is also used to cleanse the surface of our body. When you use skincare correctly, it can give you deeply nourishing and healing outcomes.

Our Neem Range has been specifically formulated with the concept of ‘detoxification’ in mind. Neem is a sacred Indian botanical. People call it the ‘village pharmacy’. Consequently our founder, Sheilesh Shah, chose it as the hero ingredient within a range that aims to purify and uplift.

How does Neem Detox the skin?

  • Deeply cleanses the pores without stripping the skin
  • Works as an antibacterial to prevent the occurrence of blemishes
  • Moisturises and replenishes the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed

What is the best detoxing skincare routine?

  1. Cleanse the face with our Neem Face Wash and rinse with cold water – this will both decongest the complexion and tighten pores.
  2. Restore your skins pH level and boost hydration with the refreshing Neem and Witch Hazel Toner
  3. Scrub away any dead skin cells with the Neem Face Scrub.
  4. Let go of anything that no longer serves you whilst relaxing in the Neem Face Mask, which will purify the skin in turn.
  5. Moisturise and reset with our Neem Face Cream, leaving your complexion refreshed and renewed.

So, you now know a little about more about how to use vegan skincare to detox your skin. To learn more about the cleansing benefits of Neem, read out other blog entitled ‘What is Neem Oil used for?’