The Ayurvedic Benefits of Sandalwood for Overall Wellness

People use sandalwood as a part of religious ceremonies in India. People consider the sandalwood tree holy and often use it during wedding rituals in Eastern countries. Read on to uncover the benefits and power of Sandalwood.

This is the most expensive of all readily available essential oils. As, the Indian Sandalwood Tree must grow 40-80 years before it’s roots can be harvested. This is due to the stronger and more concentrated scent found within mature trees.

So, how can sandalwood benefit you?

Well, the most celebrated quality of sandalwood is it’s aromatherapeutic scent and its ability to give clarity to the mind. Research shows that sandalwood heightens ones attentiveness and mood.

The list of key essential oils have recognised sandalwood as an anxiety, stress and depression reliever. Moreover, studies show that patients who were receive palliative care feel more relaxed and less anxious. When patients receive aromatherapy with sandalwood they are more relaxed compared to patients who undergo aromatherapy without the essence of sandalwood. Ayurvedic practitioners even prescribe sandalwood as an aphrodisiac. Which can often lead to its association with sensuality and seductiveness.

You can use sandalwood as a mild astringent. People often use it is in skincare products to tighten pores and leave the surface of their skin soft and smooth. The minor contractions produced within the skin’s soft tissue can help with reducing the appearance of dark spots and acne.

Okay, so how can it be used in its raw state as an essential oil?

Well, alongside its appearance within our selection of skincare, sandalwood can be found in many different forms. You can consume it and use it within aromatherapy. It improves psychological and mental wellbeing. You can inhale Sandalwood oil or apply it topically (especially in order to reduce inflammation). Fragrances are strongly connected to our emotions and memories. As your scent receptors are located next to the emotional centers in your brain. Studies have found that certain fragrances can help trigger calming or peaceful feelings.

You can also mix sandalwood with a base oil to treat dry skin, or add to an unscented lotion for a sensual, romantic and woody essence. Sandalwood is a fantastic addition to your conditioner due to its ‘anti-dandruff’ qualities, whilst also working well as an earthy addition to men’s cologne or shaving cream.

You can use it within your home. Add sandalwood essential oil drops to logs before lighting them. This will give off a grounding aroma that settles the atmosphere and create a cool and calm environment. Place a few drops in your car before driving to maintain awareness during rush hour or when feeling drowsy after a long week, and add a little of the oil to your washing machine to utilise sandalwoods antibacterial properties.

Overall, here’s what you need to know:

For a deep sense of soothing, and a grounding sensation, sandalwood is key. Use this essential oil anywhere and everywhere in order to reap all of its benefits and witness its full potential. So, incorporate some sandalwood into your skincare routine today and begin harnessing the power of Sandalwood.