Ayumi Neem Skin Care Powder 100g Box

If you are someone who learned about Neem Powder and how it can be used on your face, we are sure you might be in search of its benefits. Well, you are in luck. Hop on below.

Neem Powder: Natural Neem Powder for Healthy Skin

Why Using Neem Powder on your Skin is Beneficial?

Neem is one beauty product that is centuries old and has stood the test of time. Used in many beauty products, the many benefits of Neem powder prove why it might be one beauty secret you should hold onto.
1. Pacifies Irritated Skin
Neem holds anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and works best to soothe irritated skin. Besides this, the herb has cooling properties and hence tones down any signs of redness or dehydration on your face.
2. Anti-Aging Effects
Enriched with anti-oxidants, triglycerides, and Vitamin E, Neem is an herb that is an excellent anti-aging treatment solution. The herb helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and makes the skin appear firm and bright.
3. Acne
The anti-bacterial properties added with the cooling effect of Neem make this particular herb an excellent acne treatment method.
4. Reduces Blemishes
While many beauty products tone down your acne, the scars remain. Well, not with Neem. The fantastic properties of this herb lighten and reduce the spots left behind by acne.



Full Ingredients

Azadirachta indica (Neem) Leaf Powder.

Allergy advice: Avoid contact with the eyes. With natural products, a skin test is recommended prior to use. Apply a small amount of paste behind the ear and wait 24 hours. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

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How To Use

1. Use 10g of Neem Powder.
2. Add warm water until a smooth paste is formed.
3. Apply the cleansing paste to face, gently massaging with fingertips.
4. Leave the paste on for 5 minutes.
5. Rinse and remove using warm water.
6. To boost complexion, splash face with cold water after washing.

1. Prepare as above.
2. Add 20g of Ayumi Multani Mati clay.
3. Apply to face and leave for 15-20 minutes.
4. Rinse and remove with warm water.
5. To boost complexion, splash face with cold water after washing.

5 customer reviews

  1. Malti

    Used the neem powder to make a mask.Mixed with rose water,leaves skin beautifully cleansed.

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  2. Karina

    Very beneficial for my oily, acne prone skin.

    star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

  3. Puja

    I have so many things about the benefits of Neem plant for skin as i had very bad acne i wanted to try out just pure neem powder on my skin.I have been using this product for 2 months now I am extremely impressed at how it has cleared all my acne up. I have tried so many products on my skin to get rid of acne this really does work.

    star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

  4. Holly

    I use this powder as a general facial cleanser by mixing it with water. It has cleared up my blemishes and has helped with my itchy, dry skin. I have less blackheads and my skin feels smooth. Highly recommended if you have oily skin.

    star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

  5. A W

    Easy to mix and apply, and leaves skin feeling calmer

    star iconstar iconstar iconstar iconstar icon

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