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Aloe Vera 60 Vegan Capsules – 250mg Extract

Gut Health with Aloe Vera

When it comes to health and wellness, many people are turning to natural remedies. One of the top natural dietary supplement on the market is Aloe Vera extract. Rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, this powerful plant provides a wide range of benefits that can help improve your digestive health and overall well-being.

Aloe Vera extract can help regulate digestion and reduce inflammation in the gut. One of its main components, acemannan, has been clinically proven to be anti-inflammatory and improve gut health. Studies have also shown that Aloe Vera for gut health helps to balance stomach acidity levels, leading to better absorption of nutrients from food. The enzymes in Aloe Vera extract can also help break down proteins and fats, aiding digestion.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera also provide relief from common digestive issues such as constipation, cramping, bloating, and gas. This natural supplement can also improve nutrient absorption by releasing enzymes that digest food more efficiently. Plus, regularly consuming Aloe Vera extract can help improve metabolism, promote weight loss, and boost energy levels.

Last but certainly not least, Aloe Vera dietary supplement is an excellent source of antioxidants that can help to protect cells from free radical damage and reduce the risk of many chronic illnesses. Regular consumption of Aloe Vera extract capsule can also bolster your immune system, enabling you to fight off infections and illnesses more quickly.


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About Hesh's Aloe Vera Capsules

Traditionally used for aiding digestive conditions, boosting immunity, alleviating constipation and enhancing internal cleansing. Aloe Vera provides the body with critical antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a global stalwart aiding natural relief of sunburn when applied topically.Used externally, Aloe gives skin a silky soft and smooth feel, enhances glow and complexion, and harmonises skin condition and tone. Used internally, it also coordinates bodily systems, especially the colon: lightly cleansing, soothing and quenching inner heat and stagnancy to radiate and reflect health and wellness positively.

Aloe Vera is traditionally used for:

  • People with digestive, ulcerative conditions or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Those with inflamed, cracked or chapped skin and those with severe problems such as psoriasis.
  • Adults and children with sunburn, scars or burns as capsules can be opened if desired and used topically.
  • Those who have wounds internally and externally after surgery or injuries. (Aloe Vera can be taken as a topical application two weeks after surgery to help the body’s healing processes).


Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Extract, Vegetable Cellulose Capsule.

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How To Use Aloe Vera

You can take 2 Aloe Vera capsules once a day after meals with water or warm milk.


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