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Nourish and maintain a healthy scalp and hair.

100% Pure & Natural Bhringraj Hair Powder Supplement

Bhringaraj Powder, derived from the Eclipta prostrate plant, is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy renowned for its potent health benefits and ability to nourish and maintain a healthy scalp and hair.

This natural Bhringraj powder supplement has been used for centuries to promote hair growth, aid digestion, manage stress, and improve overall well-being. In addition to Bhringaraj Powder, moisturize the scalp, nourish the roots, balance sebum production, and possess antiseptic properties.

Furthermore, herbal hair teas offer a delightful way to nourish your hair naturally. Chamomile tea is a soothing tonic for the scalp, while rosemary tea enhances scalp circulation, stimulating healthy hair growth. Combining these ingredients with Bhringraj Powder can enhance nourishment and promote optimal hair growth.

In summary, Bhringaraj Powder is a potent and ancient Ayurvedic remedy that offers comprehensive health benefits. Its natural antioxidant properties, and cosmetic advantages make it an ideal choice for those seeking to nourish their hair and maintain its health naturally. Whether used in hair oils, teas, or other formulations, Bhringaraj Powder is undoubtedly a valuable addition to your haircare routine.

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Other Benefits of Bhringraj

Taking Bhringraj leaves in their powdered form is reported to increase urine production due to its natural diuretic properties and can therefore helps expel urinary complications, one of its many traditional uses. Bhringraj is also beneficial in managing symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders and imbalances (such as diarrhoea), including contractions or spasms in the stomach, intestine, or urinary bladder due to its proven antispasmodic properties.


Eclipta prostrata (Bhringraj ) Powder.

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How To Use

1. Take ¼-½ teaspoon of Bhringraj powder.
2. Mix it with honey or Agave nectar.
3. Consume after eating light food twice daily.


  • It is advisable to use Bhringraj in the recommended dosage as too high a dosage may result in stomach irritation
  • Not suitable for pregnant women
  • Not recommended for children under the age of 14 years
  • If you have concerns over the use of this product, consult your medical Practitioner or Pharmacist

Bhringraj FAQs

Q. Should I buy Bhringraj Powder or oil?

A. For maintaining dark hair and reversing baldness, Bhringaraja oil is a well-known hair tonic. The powder, however, is ideal to consume with other food items in meals. One can take the powder with oats, honey or smoothies, or liquids like milk or water.

Q. What is Brahmi Powder prepared from?

A. Our Bhringaraj powder is produced using the leaves and flowers of the tropical Indian Bhringaraj plant. The Bhringraj plant’s leaves and flowers are combined and ground to make our powder.

Q. What is Bhringraj?

A. Bhringraj is an essential ayurvedic plant with medicinal qualities known to benefit the hair of a person significantly. Ayurveda mentions white, yellow, and blue-flowered varieties as the three types of Bhringaraj plant; white is the type that is most frequently used.

Bhringraj is an annual plant that thrives in damp or barren areas and is found all over India. Apart from being famously beneficial for hair, it is also known as, traditionally, a rejuvenator.

Q. Is it okay to use Bhringaraja powder during pregnancy?

A. Before starting to take Bhringaraja powder as a dietary supplement, it is best to consult your doctor. Use of Brahmi powder is not advised or recommended by Hesh if you are nursing a baby or planning to become pregnant.

Q. What are the ingredients of Bhringaraja powder?

A. Hesh’s Bhringaraja powder is purely plant-based and contains only natural and pure extracts of the Eclipta Prostrata plant. There are no additional preservatives or chemicals in the powder, making it completely suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


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