Pure Olive Oil 150ml

Cold Pressed Olive Oil hydrates, nourishes and soothes skin and scalp with nutrients and fatty acids. It smooths and strengthens hair. Like clove oil, this oil is a plant-derived oil.

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Pure Sesame Oil 150ml

Cold Pressed Sesame Oil is effective in hair growth and reducing hair thinning hair loss, and hair greying. It also protects and soothes skin

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Pure Camphor Oil 15ml

The perfect remedy for aching muscles, coughs, colds and flu! Just Inhale a few drops in boiling water for that comfortable feeling.

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Massage Oil For Muscle Pain 250ml

100% Pure Natural Aromatherapy Massage oil with an effective essential oil blend helps relieve aches and muscle pain, eliminate skin toxins, and improve skin tones.

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Sensual Massage Oil 250ml

Exotic blend of essential oils to enhance the sensual experience both of the mind and soul. Pure Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang are from heaven.

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