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Why Look For Natural Skin Care Ingredients?


It’s fair to say that natural ingredients are increasingly making their way into beauty products, which is something we heartily approve of.

But what is it that makes natural skin care ingredients better than their synthetic alternatives? New Idea recently pointed out that one of the biggest things driving more and more of us towards natural products is that they work (often better than the alternatives).

Skin care expert Zoe Devine told the news provider that the big thing working in the favour of natural ingredients is that they don’t just deliver a single vitamin or mineral for your skin.

They actually give your many vitamins and minerals in a single hit, and that can do wonders for your skin. She explained that natural ingredients contain “a plethora of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and organic compounds that work in synergy with one another for improved efficacy”.

The result? That you’ll see the condition of your skin improve and can be confident knowing that you’re not introducing any unnecessary chemicals to your body.

But there are so many options out there now, it can be hard to know which ingredients are best (and what for). Refinery29 recently offered a rundown of some of the top natural ingredients to look out for.

Among them are jojoba oil, which shares some of the same structure with our skin’s natural oil, and cotton extract, which has hydrating properties thanks to its vitamin E content and is kind to sensitive skin.

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Don’t Let Christmas Dull Your Skin


You might be sticking to your skincare routine, and you may even receive some lovely facial products as Christmas gifts, but the truth is that the festive season plays havoc on your skin.

That’s why it’s important to keep your face hydrated and well-looked after during the celebrations.


- Cut down on alcohol

This is the time of the year many of us like to indulge in a few tipples. However, alcohol is particularly bad for skin, flushing out water and causing us to be dehydrated.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, dermatologist Dr Natasha Cook also noted that booze opens up blood vessels, which may then burst and cause red, blotchy skin.

“These increased open vessels can also leak inflammatory substances out of the vessels and into the skin, causing inflammatory-type breakouts,” she stated.


- Keep eating healthy foods

With the temptation to gorge on chocolates, cakes, creamy foods, and big roast dinners, it is no surprise that most of us forget to leave room for nutritional produce too.

As well as these foods having high salt and sugar contents, which dehydrates the skin, leaving us with bloated faces and puffy eyes, we do not eat enough fruit and vegetables that will feed our skin.

Foods that are rich in vitamin C, such as berries and citrus fruits, help cleanse, and produce collagen that will give a healthy glow, NetDoctor recommends.


- Stick to skincare routines

Late nights out can cause many of us to forget to take off our make-up, which means skin is not given the chance to breathe properly.

It is also important to stick to normal skincare routines, cleansing, toning and moisturising regularly to combat all the indulgences over Christmas. 

Drinking water is essential for healthy-looking skin so aim to drink between 1.5 and two litres a day, and why not treat yourself to a Christmas present and buy a refreshing Ayurveda face mask to really nourish your skin?


3 Winter Skincare Tips To Focus On

As much fun as this time of year can be, all the festive parties – coupled with the wind, rain and snow – can really take its toll on our skin. This is why it’s arguably even more important to look after your skin at this time of year than during the summer – so here are a few expert hints and tips to help you look your best no matter what the winter has to throw at us.

Always take your makeup off at night

Late nights mean you can become complacent when it comes to makeup removal. You just want to crawl into bed and sleep – but your skin won’t thank you for that. If you really can’t muster up the strength to do your full skincare routine at night, at the very least remove your makeup… and try to find time to moisturise before you go to sleep.


Just because it’s winter time doesn’t mean that the sun can’t do damage to your skin. You might also want to consider taking some oral vitamin D3 tablets so you can boost your vitamin D production to really look after your skin.

Stay well hydrated

This is especially important at this time of year because chances are you’re drinking a bit more alcohol than you might well do otherwise. Why don’t you invest in a good water bottle that tells you how much you should be drinking each hour? That way you don’t have to worry about it and you know you’re getting your two litres a day.

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