Aloe Vera Gel for Treating Acne and Soothing Skin

Using Neem in skincare has several benefits for your complexion. As an ingredient Neem is commonly used due to its naturally cleansing and antibacterial properties. Neem is a herb extracted from a seed found in the Azadirachta indica tree also known as the neem tree. It can also be used to combat many skin-related issues such as oily and acne-prone skin. It can also be used to help the appearance of scars.

Benefits of Neem in Skincare

There are many benefits to using products with neem in your skincare routine. Neem oil contains compounds that promote healthy skin such as fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E. These components of Neem are needed to achieve balanced skin and help treat a range of skin problems. Neem can be used to tackle three major skin issues:

1. Acne-Prone Skin

If you are suffering from acne-prone skin a neem-based product can be exactly what you need to improve your skin help cleanse the acne causing bacteria and purify the skin. This is because Neem has very effective anti-bacterial properties. A product we would recommend is our Neem & Tea Tree face wash morning and night to ensure the skin is free from bacteria and dirt. The neem oil works to cleanse your skin of impurities and reduces blemishes whilst the tea tree balances your complexion by reducing inflammation. 

2. Oily Skin

Neem can be also used to help regulate the skin’s oil production, by removing germs and balancing excess sebum which is the main cause of oily skin. Sebum is a substance the body generates naturally to protect and hydrate the skin. However too much of it causes the skin to become extremely oily. This can lead to pores being blocked which can cause congestion. The fatty acids found in neem oil can combat this by breaking down the excess sebum.

Why not give the Neem and Tea Tree Face Scrub a try? Regular exfoliation will prevent pores from becoming blocked and will also soften skin and increase cell turnover. 

3. Scars and Hyperpigmentation 

The natural healing properties of Neem provide a gentle way of reducing post-acne scarring. The antioxidants found in Neem can reduce the production of melanin in the skin, which is key to achieving an even skin tone. Neem has also been proven to heal the skin tissue from within through the use of neem supplements, whilst simultaneously helping to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and scars.

How to use Neem in your Skincare Routine

There are many ways to incorporate Neem into your skincare routine. Neem oil can be applied on its own directly onto the skin, like any other oil in your daily skincare routine. However, we recommend using a cleanser or toner with Neem as a core ingredient. This has a more gentle effect on the skin, improving your complexion over time as new skin cells form.

Neem’s natural cleansing ability also works well within a mask for a deep clean that penetrates dirt and oil on the skin. Try our Neem and Tea Tree skincare range to begin your journey towards healthier and more balanced skin.