Using Sandalwood Oil for Reducing Acne Scars

Sandalwood is one of the most expensive woods in the world and immediately transports you to a spa with the luxurious, woody aroma it emits. Sandalwood is an ingredient that you would most commonly find in perfumes and fragrances, but sandalwood has many benefits for your skin too.

It works well in skincare due to the natural properties of sandalwood. It is also gentle and kind on the skin, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin. So if you are looking for something to help calm or heal your skin, Sandalwood has many benefits. From hydration and anti-aging to acne and healing scars, sandalwood is an ingredient with so many benefits.

  1. Hydration:

Dehydration in the skin is a common problem people face. Whether your skin type is naturally prone to dehydration or the change in seasons affects your skin, sandalwood could be just what you need. Providing your epidermis with the ultimate replenishment sandalwood has powerful hydrating benefits. It deeply penetrates the skin, with an intense burst of moisture.

  1. Wrinkles and anti-ageing:

Sandalwood oil is rich in antioxidants, which help fight the skin damage caused by the environment and pollution. The potent antioxidants and vitamin E rejuvenate the skin from age-related skin damage and menopause symptoms. It also works to reduce the appearance of other signs of aging, such as dark circles and the formation of wrinkles.

  1. Evening Skin Tone and Skin Brightening:

The causes of uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation, are usually due to oxidative damage (chemical burning of the skin caused by free radicals). Sandalwood is also used to balance your skin tone. This is due to the astringent properties of sandalwood’s essential oil. Making it the perfect ingredient for a toner-based product. In this form, it gently encourages cell turnover which evens skin tone. Why not give the Ayumi Naturals Hydrating Sandalwood & Aloe Toner a try? Other ingredients such as organic aloe vera and lactic acid promote additional hydration and soothe redness and inflammation.

  1. Acne

One property of Sandalwood is that it is naturally anti-inflammatory and has a soothing effect on the skin. It works to reduce inflammation caused by blemishes and congestion. It even helps acne-prone skin in reducing pain and redness. Try the Ayumi Sandalwood Face Wash to cleanse acne-causing bacteria and keep the skin balanced.

  1. Scarring & Wound healing

If you have any acne scars or hyper-pigmentation on the skin, the calming compounds of Sandalwood Oil can help. They have an unparalleled ability to renew the complexion helping the natural healing process. Sandalwood therefore can help skin conditions such as; acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

Using sandalwood in your skincare routines

Sandalwood can come in many different forms and there are many products to choose from. Sandalwood-based products are used in cosmetics to target specific skincare needs. It can be used as; a powder, oil, soap, or even in floral water. Here at Ayumi, we use Sandalwood in its essential oil form. Helping calm and soothe the mind, while also doing the same for your skin.