Ayumi and Ayurveda

To quote a wise old saying, beauty isn’t just skin deep. For truly shiny hair and vibrant skin, Ayumi is beauty system that delivers all the knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda. Working to make you look and feel great, we use special plants, roots, herbs and barks to unleash your natural beauty. The best bit is that you can use our wonderfully fragrant products every day, to detoxify, nourish and tone.

Everyone needs a bit of pampering, and our expert knowledge of Ayurveda means we can tailor it to create beauty products that soothe the impact of modern living. Ayumi fits into the busiest beauty routine, and can be used for men or women, for all ages. Interpreting the benefits of cleansing Wild Turmeric to the intense perfume of the Indian Rose, we use natural ingredients of the highest quality to ensure your Ayumi products give a glowing radiance, and are also safe to use.

Ayumi is the harmony between ancient beauty and the modern living, creating a rejuvenating experience that protects, calms and nourishes.