The Power of Aritha for Healthy Hair

What is Aritha Powder?

Aritha Powder has several names, including soap nut powder and Reetha powder. It is made from dried aritha fruits that are ground into a fine powder. Being completely natural, it can be used as an excellent eco-friendly cleansing hair shampoo for all hair types. Often used with shikakai powder and amla powder when cleansing and conditioning hair. It is also commonly used in cosmetic products such as a facial cleanser. The reason it is so often used for its cleansing properties, is because this ingredient contains saponins which are organic eco-friendly cleansing agents.

Aritha Powder for Hair

Ayurveda promotes the use of reetha powder, especially for your hair. People have used this powder as a cleansing shampoo for thousands of years. Nowadays, as more and more consumers are demanding shampoos and conditioners that do not use as many chemicals, Aritha powder and other soapnuts are growing in popularity. In fact, it may surprise you to hear that this product is probably one of the core ingredients in many natural and organic soap products. You can also use the powder on its own as an organic shampoo.

How to Use:

Add a single tablespoon of aritha powder to a cup of boiling water. Let it cool for 10-20 minutes. Strain this mixture before using it as a cleansing hair wash, and begin by massaging it into your scalp and then washing thoroughly.

Reetha Powder for Skin

These cleansing properties can also be utilised in your skincare routine to create a soothing and cleansing face wash. Soapnuts soften your skin and they can help control acne by cleansing your pores. They also prevent your skin from drying out by improving your skins natural moisture levels.

How to Use:

Create an Aritha paste by mixing the powder with rose water until you achieve a solution with a thick face mask like consistency. Use this mixture to gently wash your face with the tips of your fingers. Wash off with warm water.